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Writing on a trending topic is something that all businesses and bloggers do, but what if you could know about a topic that would trend in your functional industry in future. When people would eventually search for that keyword, your content would be at the top in the search engine results.

Right now, there is a tool named Exploding Topics, that allows you to find keywords before they take off and start trending.

So, the sluggish work that goes into finalizing topics by analyzing the trends via google searches, may be over. Now internet marketers can know about the upcoming trends and devise an impactful SEO strategy.

Exploding topics is an important SEO tool that marketers should consider adding in their digital marketing resume. Here are 5 reasons why exploding topics will prevail in SEO practices:


Helps you categorize the topics

Let’s say you want to gain insights into what are some potential topics that will blow up in the education industry. This jono armstrong course says that exploding topics will allow you to pick your target industry and it will give a list of topics with 3 categories:

  1. Exploding: Trending topics in your industry.
  2. Regular: Topics that are doing well but will take some time to trend.
  3. Peaked: Keywords whose popularity is now declining.

Plus, you could try this out– apply your industry and find the relevant topics/keywords. Further, apart from the above three categories, the topic’s performance is also represented over time by a graphical interpretation. By applying some filters relating to the time, category, or both, you can improve your chances of getting amazing search results.

Hence, it is ideal that you go through these keywords and apply them to your SEO strategy.


Helps you optimize

Apart from writing, researching on what to write about takes a substantial amount of time. Team members sit down to brainstorm ideas as to what works and how well a topic will do if you choose to do it. You can read huler1996 reviews and hire professional writers to write for you.

The dichotomous thinking in deciding the topics does take a toll on you and takes up a lot of time. Here is what your process may look like:

Topic research – Writing – Editing – Keywords Insertion – Sharing the article of different portals 

It is a dire process to write successful content, and if you go wrong with the first step and write on an irrelevant topic, all your effort will be wasted. Your content strategy may be on point but it does not assure you that the article will reach the targeted audience or do well in search engine results.

You need to eliminate the pain of not knowing what will not work, and this tool allows you to do that. It helps you save time by deciding what topic to choose and gives you topics with a potential to rank at the top in Google searches.


Helps you pioneer topics

Among the masses, most of the people do not know who was the second person to step on the moon. So what if you could be the first to write about something and have others follow suit.

That’s precisely what this tool does for you. It helps you to stay informed about the topics that are gaining momentum. And if you construct content around such topics/keywords, the search rank for your article will be amongst the top results.

So, it is not about how great of a writer you are or how well-defined your research was, it is the professionals who identify these topics. This strategy helps them perform better than their contemporaries.

You can stop worrying about this occurrences, Exploding topics will help you choose topics to curate content much earlier than your competitors. So, write stellar content and utilize this strategy to improve your website/blog’s performance.


A great tool to establish leadership

Let’s say you have a blog about writing fashion trends and you spend hours trying to analyze these trends by peering through articles to choose worthy topics.

But what if you knew first hand what this trend would be and could write content much earlier than the others. So, if you write about something much earlier, the people writing on the same keywords will follow your article and curate their content along similar lines.

This helps you gain leadership among professionals writing on the same topic. However it is not about moral leadership, it is highly likely that they will cite your content to mention the source. Your blog will be listed as an authority link.

This will be incredibly helpful in gaining organic traffic and establishing leadership in your domain.


Exploding Topics v/s Google Trends

Google Trends offers a list of keywords when you input a single keyword. You may not always have that single keyword to look for important topics. In this aspect, Google Trends is limited and you may run out of ideas if you are writing content regularly.

But, that is where Exploding topics fit so well in the picture as it showcases topics without having to input any keyword. You need to identify your industry and scroll through the list of topics that you wish to write about.  Choose a category and you are good to go.

So, we finally have a challenging platform against Google trends. There is a shift in paradigm and the question is, are you willing to do the same?



For content creators, there is always some search engine optimization strategy in place to help them improve the performance of their website/blog. However, SEO techniques only work if you choose the right keywords and topics.

The Google search engine is so vast that It is highly likely that your topic has already been written about. So, if you write on something that already exists, even if you curate stellar content, your article may not do so well. So, try to re-think your strategy and utilize Exploding topics to avoid writing repetitive content and establish your authority over your contemporaries because it is high time you start looking for Google trends alternatives.


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