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We’re more than just web designers. Think of us as your online business partner 


We get you more business

From web design to marketing, branding, copywriting, and beyond, we provide everything you need to get more business from your website.

You can pick and choose from our a-la-carte services menu. Or, you can explore The Complete Experience, which combines all the most effective pieces of the online puzzle into a comprehensive and collaborative process.



A beautiful website is useless if people don’t visit it. To get more loyal customers, you’ve got to build brand awareness and actively ensure that people find it online. That’s what we specialize in, and our a-la-carte marketing offerings fit any budget.

Professional website design for therapists


The internet is our canvas – and our passion is creating beautiful websites that connect deeply with your dream client. Think of it like you’re commissioning a custom work of art, where the end product is optimized to get you more business.


we are your online business partner

Helping You Grow Locally

Local is such a huge buzzword these days … and with good reason! Even though we live in a global and borderless society, people are still looking towards their neighbors to meet their needs.

That’s why it’s so important to find a partner who understands the needs of a local business. Wherever your home base is located, our expert team will discover the best ways to reach your dream client and turn them into a paying customer.


Web Design Samples

Taproot: soulpurpose

Taproot: soulpurpose

Silicon Psych

Silicon Psych



The Me Project

The Me Project

Shaman Chocolates

Shaman Chocolates

Collaborative CBT

Collaborative CBT

A-la-Carte Services

Our interactive process looks at your business as a pyramid. At the bottom lives your dream client, who serves as the foundation for everything you do. The top is where you create a personal connection and turn them into a paying customer.

Everything in between is where the magic really happens!

Think of our services as an a-la-carte menu. You are welcome to pick and choose just the options that resonate with you. Or, you can sit back and let us create a customized marketing and web design plan, specifically tailored to your business.

SEO Agency Services


Good SEO is the best gift you can give your business. Using the latest techniques, your Web site will show up higher in Google and other search engines.

Google Ads management services


The fastest and easiest way to get your business on Page 1 of Google and get more paying customers is by using our Google Ads management services.

Social Media Marketing Management


With more than 80% of Americans on social media, our expert team will craft strategies to reach your target audience exactly where they are.

Expert copywriting services


The copy on your website and social media should speak to your dream client, make a personal connection, and turn them into a paying customer.



From business plans to strategy sessions, website reviews, and more, this is the perfect way for DIY business owners to get a little expert help along the way.



Using your dream client as a guide, we will create a cohesive branding message. Then, we’ll apply it to your logo, tagline, marketing, website, and more.


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Hi. I'm Greg.

Creativity has always been my passion, and I deeply believe that if you follow your heart, opportunities will present themselves. Goodman Creatives was born from that love … from a belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to follow their heart and their passion. 

Now, let’s get started on realizing your dreams!

Greg Goodman, Therapist Web Design & and Marketing Expert

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Rave reviews

Clare Johnson
Clare Johnson, LMFT
Marriage & Family Therapist

Greg makes the process feel simple, easy and fun so you can sit back and focus on the work you’re actually good at.

Jamye Shaw Swimwear
Jamye Shaw
Website Design

After trying to work with several different Web designers, Greg Goodman came through for me and saved the day!

Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance
Robbie Hershey
Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance

Greg’s most meaningful contribution is his total commitment and unique ability to capture the spirit and essence of our organization.

David Jay Goldman
David Jay Goldman, LMFT
Marriage & Family Therapist

I hired Greg to help build my website and it was one of the best collaborative working experiences I've ever had. I'm very proud of what we created and I tremendously enjoyed the process of making it as well.

Valerie Tate
Valerie Tate, LMFT
Therapist & Energy Worker

Greg is a rare find in web development and creative because he is so easy to work with and delivers. He has a very calm demeanor while also being punctual on deadlines.

Sarah Wescott
Sarah Wescott, LMFT
Marriage & Family Therapist

Greg was great at expressing his opinion and then stepping back to let me make my own decision. He was timely and responsive and a total professional.

Ahuti Ferid - Santa Cruz Acupuncture and Herbology
Ahuti Ferid
Santa Cruz Acupuncture & Herbology

Greg listening to my issues candidly and let me know my options. I am looking forward to a continued relationship with this talented, sensitive, and creative professional.

Alex Dimitriu
Alex Dimitriu

Goodman Creatives has been an amazing experience start to finish. They offer artistry and technical expertise to create some truly beautiful and functional sites. Great ideation and interaction overall as well!

Miranda Wise
Miranda Wise
Wisely Organized

Greg is incredibly talented, professional, and worth every penny! When all I gave him was a vague direction, he came back with something brilliant. He is now my go-to person for any help with my web presence.

Sharon Potteiger
Sharon Potteiger
Santa Cruz Midwives

Hiring Greg was the best decision we've made in starting our group practice. Having him on our team allowed us the freedom to do what we do best — provide excellent patient care.

Jess Allen
Jess Allen, LCSW, ACT
Founder of Collaborative CBT

Greg is professional, talented, and organized. I am so proud of our work together! I will continue to work with Greg on marketing, as I trust him thoroughly and believe he is the best at what he does!

R.J. Patz
Rich Patz
R.J. Patz, Inc

Greg is a consummate professional and a gifted website developer. I could not be more pleased with Goodman Creatives, and I recommend Greg without reservation.

Freddie Mac
Jay Innoue
Freddie Mac

With amazing agility, we dream it and you create it! We thank you for all your wonderful customer service.

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