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30 Free Photos For Your Therapy Website … (and how choose more)

Choosing photos for your therapy website is an art form. Learn how the pros do it ... and get 30 free photos.

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How to Write Directly to Your Dream Therapy Client

Use your words to create a connection and inspire your dream client to reach out.

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The Rise of Online Therapy Searches During Coronavirus

Google searches for Online Therapy are way up. Has your practice adjusted?

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6 SEO Tips and Tricks For Your Therapy Practice Website

Learn 6 powerful methods, tips, and techniques for bringing more organic traffic to your therapy website.

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The Pros & Cons of Therapy Directory Sites

Do you really need Psychology Today, GoodTherapy, and all those other directory sites?

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The Ultimate Therapist Marketing Guide

Get more paying therapy clients. Learn how to promote your practice with SEO, social media, branding, and more.

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6 Great Online Scheduling Apps For Therapists — and why you need one

An online scheduling app is one of the best website tools for converting casual visitors into paying clients.

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14 Years of Therapist Web Design Trends

Learn all about therapist web design trends - past, present, and future.

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I LOVE Therapists … Here’s Why

A Therapist called me on my BS and it made me a better person (and improved my business). Here’s the story.

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7 Ways to Fix Your Therapist Website – (and get more paying clients)

Learn 7 quick changes that will make any therapist website more effective.

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How to Choose a Niche For Your Therapy Practice

Step 1 toward getting more paying therapy clients is identifying your niche.

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How to Get More Therapy Clients During Coronavirus

This therapist COVID-19 Marketing Guide teaches you how to grow your practice and shine.

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Why Therapist Websites Need a Contact Form on Every Page

Learn how adding more contact forms can help get you more intakes.

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Why a Resources Page Hurts Your Therapy Website

Learn how to transform your resources page into a useful hub for your dream client.

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