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30 Free Photos For Your Therapy Website … (and how choose more)

Choosing photos for your therapy website is an art form. Learn how the pros do it ... and get 30 free photos.

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Google is Penalizing Sites Without SSL Security

Learn how SSL Certificates (https) can increase your SEO and Google rankings.

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5 Reasons Why Sliders are Bad for Web Page Design

Think you want sliders in your web page design? Think again. Here are 5 big reasons to avoid sliders on your website.

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14 Years of Therapist Web Design Trends

Learn all about therapist web design trends - past, present, and future.

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Why Your Business Needs a Blog

A blog is a great way to grow your business and get more customers. Learn why ... and discover ways to write awesome blog posts.

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Websites are the Key to Marketing Success

Learn how to create a website that makes you stand out in a busy online crowd

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How to Write Great Copy for Your Website » a 10 step guide

Learn how to write great website copy that turns your dream client into a paying customer.

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Copywriting and copy editing services in Santa Cruz, CA

Why Therapist Websites Need a Contact Form on Every Page

Learn how adding more contact forms can help get you more intakes.

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10 Reasons Why You Need a Web Design Consultant

Do you love your website? Are you proud to display it as a business tool and a true work of art? If the answer to either question is “no,” your...

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GDPR for US Companies – A Simple Guide to Getting Compliant

GDPR affects everyone - including local American business.

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What Is Web Hosting? The Only Beginner’s Guide You Need

Web hosting is the reason visitors can access your website. But what is it exactly? Let's find out.

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14 Reasons Why People Leave Your Website

Learn why people leave you website - and what you can do about it.

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stock photography diversity minority black asian fat ugly

A Diversity Problem in Stock Photography

If humanity is so diverse, then why is stock photography so white ... where are all the "real people" hiding?

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7 Inspirational “About Us” Page Examples For Your Website

Learn how to write the perfect About Us page by checking out these 6 great examples.

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How to Write a Great “About” Page for Your Business

Your about page is the second most visited page on your website. Learn how to create something that makes your dream client want to reach out.

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Why Cheap Web Hosting Stifles Your Business Growth

If you just bought a Ferrari, would you put sand in the gas tank?!

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Website Conversions: How to Optimize Your Website for Conversion

Successful websites make it easy for people to reach out or buy your product/service.

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